Dave Shacochis

Can you afford the cost of latency?

The need for speed in business isn’t anything new. But technology has advanced to the point that a financial services company made a $1.5 billion investment to reduce latency between London and Tokyo by just 60 milliseconds. To put that into perspective, it takes about 300 milliseconds to blink your eye once. That’s a $1.5 billion spend to reduce the latency of operations by the time it takes you to blink your eye by only 20% of the way.

OK, so you get it, milliseconds matter. But how do you start shaving off those milliseconds across your enterprise, with countless numbers of applications and devices, and extended into the cloud. This was one of the things I talked about when I was on a panel during VMworld a few weeks ago.  

I got to sit down with my peers from AWS and VMware to talk about ways to reduce latency without making astronomical investments. Although many organizations understand that direct connectivity into the cloud helps ensure network consistency and reduce latency, it’s not always clear how to orchestrate and optimize cloud applications and workloads.

What we’re really talking about is the changing face of applications. It’s about the devices running those applications and orchestrating across multiple domains. It’s about the ability to not only control applications, but to control the networks they’re connected to and then consult on best execution venue strategies.

We’ve also learned that partnerships matter when it comes to working across an enterprise to reduce latency at every opportunity. That’s why we’ve partnered with AWS and VMware, they understand and share our vision.

We’ve had a strong pattern of success as this partnership allows us to leverage the innovation each partner delivers. You can get a virtual front row seat to see for yourself on November 1. To learn more and to register, please visit CONNECT.