Steve Egart

CenturyLink and NetApp Relationship Leads to Data-Driven Business Successes

At CenturyLink, we realize the impact data has on business operations and growth. We have proven through engagements with our clients that data-driven decisions create better business outcomes.

But we don’t drive these outcomes on our own. We partner with some of the most well-known and respected leaders in the industry, including NetApp. These relationships give us the ability to leverage their expertise and knowledge to develop our leading IT infrastructure and services. It helps partners align with us on go-to-market plans and provide the right level of CenturyLink support and resources to help solve client business problems faster. 

When hearing that the theme for NetApp’s annual event, Insight 2018, was “‘Are You Data-Driven?”, we welcomed the opportunity to participate as one of the main sponsors.

CenturyLink has a strong relationship with NetApp, and we are an active member of the NetApp Unified Partner Program. NetApp is also a member of the CenturyLink Strategic Technology Alliance program. As part of this relationship, we can better serve customers by combining CenturyLink’s global network and hosting business with NetApp’s hardware and software-defined storage solutions.

NetApp is a key component in the CenturyLink Public and Private Cloud storage platform. That means, we can offer NetApp storage solutions designed for enterprises and small-to-midsized businesses in multiple market segments as well as solutions for the public sector. CenturyLink also provides a range of NetApp hardware and licensing solutions, including FlexPod, on CenturyLink’s world-class global network to more customers and partners.

Other services CenturyLink offers based on NetApp include Storage-as-a-Service, CenturyLink Cloud services including SolidFire All-Flash Storage-Based Data Protection Services, Storage Replication and dedicated NetApp solutions on the CenturyLink Cloud.

We also include NetApp as an option for the FlexPod datacenter solution for SAP HANA which provides an end-to-end architecture combining Cisco, NetApp, Vnomic, and VMware technologies that supports multiple SAP HANA workloads with high availability and server redundancy. The solution offers full automation for the implementation, lifecycle management, and development of SAP HANA workloads running on the infrastructure.

On the NetApp side, they have realigned and refocused attention on CenturyLink product and operations.

Additional areas where we collaborate include Off-site Backup and Restore, Disaster Recovery, Test & Development, Cloud Bursting for Peak Workloads, Primary Workloads including SAP as a Service, Multi-Region Application Continuity, and Bundled Network – Product Development.

We look forward to learning more about new NetApp offerings at Insight 2018 and continue to work with them to unleash the full potential of data to help our customers make the technology solutions that best optimize their businesses. 

As we get closer to the end of the year and into early 2019, we expect to make several important announcements that extend the value of our strategic relationship with NetApp.