Enhancing the Customer Journey through Communication

While customer experience gets a lot of lip service these days, few companies have actually closed the gap between talking and doing. Delivering an excellent customer experience requires addressing customer needs and figuring out the best way to do so. This doesn’t happen by accident. You have to listen and learn – and maintain good communication throughout the customer journey.

Getting it right comes down to a company’s ability to put itself in its customers’ proverbial shoes and see the world as they do. Once a company achieves that, it stands to build trust through operational excellence. Customers start to take the company for granted – and that’s a good thing.

And it’s what we are aiming for with our Cisco Spark unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) offering. Businesses that leverage Cisco Spark delivered by CenturyLink need not deal with the complexity and frustrations of working with multiple vendors to procure these services. Instead, all services are available from a single source. A subscription billing model makes payments predictable and easy to budget, and allows customers to scale the solution as their business grows.

Fast Business Pace

The pace of business today is fast and unforgiving, so companies need tools that allow them to not just keep up but also get ahead. Integrated communications are designed to support that fast pace. If users have to constantly switch between screens and devices to accomplish their tasks, that slows them down individually and hampers the organization’s agility and responsiveness to their customers. Workers waste 32 days a year on workplace “efficiency” apps.

Whatever the touch points in the customer journey, from initial assessment and procurement to implementation to ongoing service delivery to interactions with customer and technical support, a customer should never have to worry whether the company is going to deliver. That should always be a given.

With the relationship between CenturyLink and Cisco , we are providing customers the right experience through a reliable service in the way they prefer to consume it. We are helping to digitize the workplace by bringing together physical and virtual teams to collaborate, innovate and push their organizations to the front of the line against competitors.

Users can collaborate seamlessly unhindered by geography, holding meetings from their desk, a branch office, home or while on the road. They can share information with another person or group from their desktop or mobile device in preparation for a meeting, during the meeting and then in follow-up communications.

Cisco Spark delivered by CenturyLink was designed with simplicity in mind – it’s easy and intuitive for administrators and users. Available in the cloud or on-premise, the solution is reliable and secure. Customers benefit from CenturyLink’s vast experience in securing one of the world’s largest networks, which combines with our communications and cloud expertise, to deliver the high value businesses need to operate efficiently and compete in their respective markets.

Cisco Spark Designation

CenturyLink has earned the Cisco Powered Cisco Spark Service Provider designation, becoming one of only a few certified organizations. This is further reaffirmation that we are serious about enhancing the customer experience and simplifying the journey. See our Press Release for more information. 

Providing an outstanding customer experience requires knowing the customer. In the realm of integrated communications and collaboration, that means delivering the necessary applications and tools to empower users and a reliable network to support the underlying communications architecture. And that’s what we are delivering with Cisco Spark.