Lisa Miller

Creating Global Connections and Enabling Transformation with Our Partner Network

Nearly every business, regardless of size or industry, is engaged in transformation. Transformation is essential to stay ahead. It is critical for businesses to be digitally connected to their customers, partners and stakeholders at all times, anywhere in the world.

To enable digital business requires a vision for the future and true partnership to make that vision a reality. It requires the ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to solve business challenges. And for CenturyLink, success requires us to leverage not only our direct sales team, but also our incredible network of Indirect Partners.

Next week, as we kick off our Ascend 2019 conference, we have a unique opportunity to connect face-to-face and engage in important conversations with our Partners to determine how together we help accelerate digital transformation. Just as important, we will discuss how we continue to collectively transform ourselves to better meet the needs of our joint customers.

As you think about your business environment, success hinges on ensuring that your business foundation is digitally ready. Are you focused on the three most critical areas for enabling a digital business – an adaptive network, IT agility and connected security solutions? If not, you should be.

Successfully Enabling Digital Business

According to Business Insider, by next year there will be 24 billion internet connected devices. That’s nearly four devices for every person on the planet.

To support all of these connected devices and end-user demand, digital businesses must have networks capable of moving data between millions of devices and locations, including data centers and hybrid cloud environments; agile IT infrastructure and processes to allow for the quick deployment and simple management of applications and tools; and security solutions that are seamlessly integrated within the network in order to protect data, the business, and most importantly, the customer. Consider that 90 percent of today’s data, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes, was created in the last two years, according to IBM.  

These three areas are critical to CenturyLink’s own digital transformation and how we work and engage with our Partners. We are focused on bringing more of our services on-net in order to significantly reduce the time in which those services can be procured. In simple terms, we are making it easier to do business with us so our Partners can make it easier for their customers to do business with them.

Changing the Partner Landscape

Our Indirect Partners face a similar challenge of having to digitally transform while also helping their customers through this transformation process. What business customers are demanding from our Partners in terms of service delivery and management is mimicking consumer expectations being set by experiences with market disruptors like Amazon and Uber. According to industry analyst firm Forrester, 73 percent of business buyers find buying from the web more convenient and the firm predicts that 17 percent of all B2B transactions will happen through eCommerce by 2023.  

It is clear that to achieve success in this increasingly digital world, we all need to transform together. CenturyLink remains committed to ensuring that our Partner community has access to the training, tools and programs they need to enable successful digital transformations and grow their business – including sales, marketing, development, operational and maintenance support throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Sharing a Vision for the Future at Ascend 2019

At Ascend 2019, we look forward to sharing insights from CenturyLink executives on how to successfully transform to enable digital business and service delivery, industry and technology trends, and how we can grow together. Our Indirect Partner community is a force to be reckoned with and together we will transform to successfully enable digital business in 2019 and beyond!