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National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Our Top 10 Security Blogs

Once the almost exclusive purview of lone hackers and internet bullies, cybercrime has gone “professional.” Now large organized crime groups and nation states are moving to the internet, forming global criminal communities and developing cybercrime into a business.

Security risks online are common and can cause massive amounts of damage when an attack takes place. National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an important reminder to take action to protect your business and critical data.

We’ve gathered our top 10 Security blogs published this past year to help provide you with tools and resources you need to stay safe and protect your critical data.

Ransomware: A Real Horror Story

By Dale Drew

Halloween seems like the perfect time to talk about something really frightening: ransomware. Ransomware is one of the most prevalent threats to companies’ cybersecurity. Here are steps you need to take to help protect your critical data.

Hacking Is Here to Stay: 6 Steps to Protect Yourself

By Chris Richter

Hacking is a fact of life and it’s only going to become more widespread. The sooner we accept that, the better wecan defend ourselves. With that in mind, here are six recommendations to protect against hackers and assorted cybercriminals.

Building Accountability into the Internet of Things

By Dale Drew

The Internet of Things (IoT) is still emerging, and yet we’ve already seen many related security vulnerabilities andattacks. IoT-related security incidents will certainly increase as more objects are connected via the internet, and as bad actors find ways to exploit the weaknesses in device and network security. Find out how organizations can effectively address these security threats and vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity: Not Just an Inside Job

By Dale Drew

If you think cybersecurity is just about ensuring that your networks, systems and data are protected against attacks, think again. Cybersecurity needs to be a much more holistic effort in this age of the digital business. Organizations that don’t work to ensure their partners are secure run a number of risks.

Security in the Cloud: Lower Costs, Better Protection

By Chris Richter

Any corporate security professional investigating options to reduce costs while optimizing protection needs to consider a migration to a cloud-based UTM solution managed by an MSSP with global reach that specializes in cloud and network security.  

Predicting the Next Cyberattack

By Chris Richter

Do you know where the next cyberattack will strike or when it’s likely to happen? Using machine learning techniques and data analysis, it’s now possible to forecast cyber-attacks with a decent degree of accuracy.

8 Critical Security Questions to Ask Your ISP

By Dale Drew

ISPs are positioned to help cut off bad traffic before it has a chance to wreak havoc within your networks. But before you designate your ISP as the first line of defense protecting your information, it’s critical you ask the right questions to find out how they protect their infrastructure…and, ultimately, your data.

The Retail Threatscape – What Every Retailer Must Know for 2017

By Susan Mcreynolds

Cybercrime aimed at retailers is highly lucrative, making retailers of every size and ilk attractive targets. Faced with today’s rapidly evolving security threatscape, you can no longer rely on a legacy “check the boxes” security approach. here’s what you need to know to fortify your defenses

Another Ransomware Attack? Welcome to the New Normal

By Dale Drew

What happens when you combine the structure and focus of organized crime with the sophistication and scale of a nation state? Learn how you can protect yourself from the new age of extortion-related attacks. 

Are You a Good Packet or a Bad Packet?

By Chris Richter

This is not a blog about grilling spies, operatives or subversives. It’s about interrogating IP packets – the couriers of the data that empowers our global networks – and uncovering their true missions.