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Ten People in Content Delivery and Media You Should Follow on Twitter

With the exponential growth of streaming media, AR, VR, and an ever-increasing plate of consumer consumption options, next week’s NAB show in Las Vegas is sure to be buzzing. To that end, we’d like to suggest making the most of your time at the show by following the thought leaders, business executives, and industry experts here. We’ll see you in Las Vegas!

1. John Brodkin – Senior IT reporter at ArsTechnica focused on media, cloud, and the like.

2. Julien Coulon – Co-Founder at Cedexis and long-time cloud and CDN leader.

3. Jim Davis – CDN and cloud analyst for 451 Research.

4. Mehdi Daoudi – CEO of Cathpoint Systems and web performance aficionado.

5. Natan Edelsburg – Executive Editor for The Drum’s Found Remote with a focus on the future of TV.

6. Steven Max Patterson – Journalist for IDG / Network World with expertise in AR / VR and devices.

7. Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen – editor for StreamingMedia.com with a focus on online video.

8. Dan Rayburn – StreamingMedia.com EVP and principal analyst for Frost & Sullivan, focused on online video and streaming.

9. Steve Souders – One half of SpeedCurve, Steve is a web performance expert and author.

10. George Winslow – Contributing Editor for Broadcasting & Cable, focusing on the TV business.