Scott Brindamour

The Best Execution Venue

Here’s a compelling statistic: By 2019, hybrid cloud will be the common strategy for 70% of enterprises. This represents a tremendous opportunity, but we also recognize the challenges with the journey to hybrid cloud. 

Some of the most common challenges our clients face include the complexity of integration, lack of expertise, and poor planning and strategy. This was a key topic during a panel I participated in during VMworld.

I sat down with my peers from AWS and VMware to discuss and debate what it really takes to help businesses navigate their cloud journey, and digital transformation. We all agreed that enterprises first need to understand how to select the right applications, services and workloads to move to the cloud. 

This is where AWS, CenturyLink and VMware collectively shine. We give clients a lot of choices for where specific workloads should work and operate. We provide a lot of options for the best place to run workloads, to help migrate workloads to the new environment, and in some cases, we’ll even continue to manage it all for customers.

When it comes down to it, we help determine the best execution venue, which is critical to help clients achieve their goals, and quickly. It reduces the complexity of decision making for hosting and cloud, provides data-driven decision making for selecting appropriate cloud technology, and reduces the risks associated with selecting future application hosting strategies.

One thing we’ve learned about providing customers with the best execution venue to meet their specific goals is to have relationships with the right sets of partners. We’ve built strong relationships with AWS and VMware. During the panel we share best practices and talk about the most critical elements in implementing hybrid cloud solutions.

I had a great time with my colleagues from AWS and VMware. The best part is that you can tune in on November 1 to see us in action as we discuss the best execution venue depending on the needs of the client. 

For more information, or to register for the November 1 virtual summit, please visit CONNECT.