Susan McReynolds

Top 5 Retail Security Considerations to Protect In-Flight Data

Retail’s on-going evolution to a digitally-empowered customer experience is driving brands to accelerate digital transformation investments. While moving to a real-time digital landscape can provide many benefits to both consumers and businesses, the exponential growth in capabilities is mirrored by expansion of the security threatscape. The massive amounts of digital data traversing networks marks retailers as prime targets for advanced cyber attacks.

Retailers Fortify Defenses

The Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report states retail organizations now perceive targeted attacks as the greatest risk facing their business. But retailers are fighting back. From wavelength encryption to chip-enabled sales systems, companies are working with cybersecurity experts to rapidly improve their security stance.

Minimize your risk. Check out our Top 5 Retail Security Considerations to better protect in-flight customer and company information between data center, headquarter and distribution center locations.


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